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No Turning Back Now

When I first entered that high school classroom, I had no idea where to start. I knew that my job was to teach Spanish and so I decided that the best approach would be to start with the basics. This actually worked because it allowed me to assess how much the students knew. I was on a mission from that point. These kids had to learn Spanish and I would ensure they did.

I did a considerable amount of research on teaching foreign languages, and I delved into the curriculum to decipher exactly what I needed to teach. I spent a lot of time creating worksheets as follow ups to my lessons and within a few weeks, I had found my groove. I was actually enjoying my job. I was in shock because mentally I had prepared myself that this was going to be a huge disaster. There was no way that I could stand in front of a class and talk. Teaching was not for me. All these self-limiting beliefs were now being dispelled.

The students at this high school had such a positive impact on me. They certainly changed my perception of teaching and made me want to become a better person. Their kindness and support gave me the motivation to put forth my best each day. Given that this was high school, it was expected that the students would make my job more challenging, but it was the opposite. They were attentive in class and willing to learn. There were obviously those who disliked Spanish, and I felt compelled to help them because I didn't want them to fail their final exams. I therefore dedicated my lunch times to providing help to those students so that they could understand the material. It never occurred to me that I would be so invested in this career and there was definitely no turning back now.

I think that the respect shown by students as well as the school environment played a pivotal role at the commencement of my teaching career. Should I have encountered a different scenario, I probably would have conceded that my initial thoughts were true and that I did not belong on this path.

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