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Never say NEVER!

Teaching? Me? No way! That was my response every time someone asked me about that career. I shuddered at the thought of becoming a teacher when I was in university because I had envisioned a different path for myself. Working at the United Nations as an ambassador or diplomat was my intention or being a part of the tourism industry seemed more appealing but after sending out countless resumes with no response, my dreams soon died and I was desperately seeking employment.

However, teaching just wasn't an option for me since I had convinced myself for so long that I would never become an educator. To make matters worse, I was constantly reminded by family members about what a big mistake I made studying languages and that I should have pursued science or business because I would have secured employment and not be in this predicament. In spite of their negative comments, not once have I regretted doing a degree in French and Spanish. I loved learning these languages from the moment I was first introduced to these subjects and I was determined to continue my studies in them. It was evident at that time that there weren't a plethora of jobs in that particular field but it didn't bother me because I simply had a passion for learning these languages.

The path that I had so meticulously planned out in my head did not materialize as I had anticipated and now I was pondering my next steps. After months of job hunting and incessant nagging from family and friends that I should just submit an application to teach, I conceded. I dropped off my resume at an all girls college and was told that they didn't have any current vacancies but would contact me in the future. I was relieved. However, things changed quickly. I received a call within a few weeks asking if I was still interested in teaching. Without giving much thought to it, I accepted the position and was told that I had to start the following day.

I was definitely not prepared to go into a classroom. I had nothing. I had recently graduated from university and did not attend any training. In Trinidad, a degree was the only requirement to teach. There was no mandatory training to become a teacher so I literally plunged into the job. I could not believe that this was actually happening. I had vowed never to become a teacher and here I was at the start of my career.

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